Our Story

Boscastle has 30 years of Quality Artisan Pie experience. All Boscastle products are made from wholesome ingredients & vegetables & 100% Australian beef, lamb, and chicken.
  • Our Pies & Rolls are free from artificial additives and colours.
  • We use a flaky puff pastry lid.
  • Our pies are made by real people, people with passion, honesty, and integrity with quality at the heart of all we make, in a way that is sustainable and fair
  • Garnishes signify the ‘story’ of each pie
  • Our menu offers something to appeal to all palates, from the traditional to the exotic.
Boscastle's aim is to give the consumer a homemade quality experience

    Our success can be measured by the loyalty and passion of our customers and the respect it has earned from other food producers, connoisseurs and judges.

    The proof is in the pie!