The Boscastle Story

Terry Cremean, Boscastle’s proud founder and head Pie-Maker, once spent three years living and working in Boscastle, a picturesque North Cornish village in England. As the name of the region suggests, Cornish Pasties were a local specialty.


So began his aspiration to make pasties for Australians!


Upon his return to Australia, Terry created the Lamb, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pastie. From that humble beginning, his range grew to include 14 Pies, 2 Pasties, 3 Quiches, 2 Gourmet Rolls and 3 Frittatas as well as a fantastic selection of Party Food.

Today Boscastle’s success can be measured by the loyalty and passion of it's customers and the respect it has earned from other food producers, connoisseurs and judges. The proof is in the pie!


Our Values


Our values and ideals guide every decision in our business. We work hard in all aspects of Boscastle to champion the notion that everyone is welcome at the Boscastle table.